1. Code available at: http://freetexthost.com/rw6r0ny4y2


    Changes Made:

    • Fixed Answer Posts
    • Jump Pagnation Added
    • Post Notes Fixed


    Please read read the Terms of Use before using my code

    To install this theme:

    copy the code
     click “theme”, choose “use custom html”
     delete that code, paste my code
     choose “appearance” and customize away

  2. More Themes by Never-Let-Her-Go
  3. My themes are put together by me, and to not be misused in any way. Please remember a few things when using one of my themes:

    ✿ You are to never remove the credit (or make it invisible)

    ✿ Altering the HTML/CSS does not make it yours. However, You are free to change it however you please.

    ✿ You may use my themes to create your own. However, You cannot remove the theme credits link no matter how much you customized it. It is still my base code; therefore my theme. I put a lot of work into these. 

    ✿ You are never to redistribute my themes

  4. Version 0.5
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    Version 0.5

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